Hope for the Tired and Hurting

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Surviving Mold
Information on Biotoxin Illness/CIRS by Richie Shoemaker, MD, the world’s leading authority
Journey Toward Health
Kathy provides practical information on Biotoxin Illness from a patient perspective with purchase recommendations
Southwest Florida Free Pain Clinic
The only free medical clinic in the US specializing in the care of those with acute and chronic pain, without the use of drugs; located in Fort Myers, FL
Apothicare 360 Pharmacy
Compounding pharmacy near our Fort Myers office that provides all of the prescription medications needed for Biotoxin treatment; they also donate many resources and free medication to the SW Florida Free Pain Clinic
D-Signed Nutrition
Dee Harris and her staff are the Functional Nutritionists that Dr. Gruning works with to care for our complex patients
Cole’s Air Diagnostics
Mike Lyon is the consultant Dr. Gruning trusts to inspect the HVAC system and screen the environment for toxic mold contamination
Industrial Hygiene Services
Irv Kraut is the indoor environmental expert in SW Florida that Dr. Gruning uses for his patients to identify the sources of toxic mold contamination