The International Center for Health and Wellness specializes in the acute treatment of auto accident injuries. We have been doing that since 2001 in Lee and Charlotte counties. Although we also specialize in the care of Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue patients, a large part of our practice involves helping those in pain from an automobile accident.

If you or someone you know has been injured in an automobile accident, it is extremely important to get treatment immediately. In our experience, the first few weeks after an accident are a critical time to get the proper medical treatment and those that delay getting medical treatment have worse outcomes. It is estimated that everyone will be involved in an auto accident during their lifetime. It is essential that you know exactly what and what not to do in order to prevent long term disability and have the greatest chance to return to the life you were leading before the accident.

Most accidents are not life threatening. However, even auto accidents with minor damage to the vehicle can result in serious injuries. The most common injuries we see result from rear end collisions. Most accidents today seem to involve a driver who is distracted (i.e. on the cell phone) or who is impaired by alcohol or drugs.

The most important decision to make after being injured in an auto accident is not what attorney you will call and go see. This decision results is unnecessary delays in treatment or being sent to a medical provider who does not provide comprehensive care. The most important decision you can make after being injured in an auto accident is the Doctor you will see for treatment. After being seen in the Emergency Department, you must go immediately to a physician that specializes in the comprehensive treatment of acute auto accident injuries; this is giving yourself the best chance for a complete recovery.

Studies show that auto accident injuries reach maximum medical improvement (a legal term meaning permanent injury) at around the 4th month after the accident. This is why comprehensive and aggressive treatment is essential by a physician who understands the injuries involved and can provide all of the treatment needed to heal. Diagnostic tests like MRI’s are helpful, but they are not a substitute for proper treatment. You can know exactly what is wrong with you, but if you live in constant pain, or are impaired in your ability to function in life, the diagnostic tests have not helped you. Your goal should not be to build a case or to see how much money you think you can make from the accident, but to be completely healed.



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