Psychological professionals are used to screen for depression and anxiety that can either be the cause, or the result, of Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue. It is often very difficult to determine what came first. Regardless, these disorders must be identified and treated for the patient to heal. The mind is very powerful and when it is not feeling well it can cause the same symptoms as Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue or can perpetuate these disorders. Certainly, a disturbance in our mind can affect our sleep, which is a major culprit in these disorders. Medications are only a band-aid on the problem; in order to rid patients of depression and anxiety, professional counseling is needed.

The International Center for Health and Wellness is blessed to have experienced and compassionate counselor s. They have a love for our patients and are dedicated to helping them get well. We often find that as patients go through counseling, their symptoms either disappear or are greatly reduced.

Spiritual counseling is also available for those patients who wish to pursue spiritual answers and healing. We know from experience that the condition of our spiritual life greatly impacts our physical and mental health, well being, and sleep. It is here that we discover inner healing and peace that only God can give us. Often, as we pursue answers to our big life questions, and rid ourselves of past hurts and habits, we are free to experience the complete healing God wants us to have. He is the Lord who heals.







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