At the International Center for Health and Wellness, we believe that treatment for environmental toxicity involves the use of a treatment team experienced in caring for those afflicted with these disorders. Treatment must be comprehensive and holistic to achieve the greatest chance for complete recovery.

Before treating the environmental toxicity, all body organ systems must be supported and balance restored. This includes proper nutrition, sleep, and eliminating ongoing toxin exposure. Supplements and herbs are used to optimize the antioxidant defense system, liver and kidney function. Thyroid and adrenal function must be supported or corrected. Hormones may need to be brought back in balance. A Physician experienced in these treatments assures the best outcome.

It can not be stressed how important proper nutrition is in the process. The detoxification pathways of the liver must be optimized and the proper foods, herbs, vitamins and minerals play an essential role. This is where many are lacking in their Prescription for health.

Psychological symptoms, such as depression and anxiety, are common in environmental toxicity. It is frustrating to be sick, sometimes for a long time, without anyone believing you or being able to diagnose the problem. Psychological symptoms can also perpetuate symptoms, even after successful treatment of the toxins. This is why care by Counselors is essential for many patients to experience complete healing.

Once the body organ systems are supported and detoxification pathways strengthened, specific agents can be utilized to chelate (bind) metals and toxins or to flush them from tissues. These must be monitored carefully as significant side effects can occur. Large amounts of water must be ingested and minerals replaced that also get chelated.

For Biotoxins, specific antidotes and treatments are available. These must be monitored by a physician specializing in the detoxification of these disorders. Go to for more information. At the International Center for Health and Wellness, we partner with a local physician who is a specialist in the treatment of Biotoxin illnesses and work closely with him to provide the optimum treatments

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