Hormone imbalance can be corrected and symptoms either disappear or are greatly reduced. The most important step in this process is a thorough history, physical exam, and laboratory evaluation. If there are nutritional or vitamin deficiencies, sleep disorder, lack of exercise, excessive stress, or toxin exposure then these must be corrected first. It is important to not ignore the basics of health.

The next step is to correct underlying adrenal and thyroid imbalance as these affect every other gland and hormone in the body. Only after all of this is being corrected can we begin to balance the female and male hormones.

Hormones can be replaced when deficient. It is important, given cancer fears and other concerns over side effects, to become well informed about the risks and benefits of treatment. The safest approach is to use the least amount of hormone that produces the desired effects, while carefully monitoring blood and saliva levels to insure that the hormones are not over-corrected. “Bio-identical” hormones, from plant sources that mimic human hormones, appear to be safer, but still require appropriate monitoring. Hormones can be delivered orally or topically, each having advantages for specific patients. The most important factor is being comfortable with the method of delivery and being consistent with the administration, being careful not to exceed the dosing.



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